Easy month thin 6 kg banana vinegar diet

Easy month thin 6 kg banana vinegar diet

Popular in Japan, the new method of weight loss, banana + vinegar + brown sugar combination, let you easily enjoy “thin”.

With the consumption of fresh bananas, it is better to replace them with banana vinegar, so that the body’s absorption rate is even higher.

Because the various active ingredients contained in bananas and brown sugar are dissolved in vinegar and also have the active ingredients of vinegar itself, banana vinegar is turned into a super drink.

  By using the “citric acid cycle” to play the role of not getting fat and slimming. When the “acetic acid”, “citric acid” and “malic acid” contained in the vinegar enter the human body, the “citric acid cycle” will occur.

The citric acid cycle is the decomposition of nutrients such as trace amounts, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy.

  Even if you eat high-dynamic foods, cockroaches are not only easy to accumulate in the body, but also decompose the body.

The citric acid cycle is more activated by the glucose contained in the banana.

Therefore, to make the citric acid cycle play its maximum effect, the drink worth cherishing is banana vinegar!

  Why must I use brown sugar?

Because of its low degree of refining, brown sugar has many impurities and is dark in color, but it has a lot of minerals.

Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm, can disperse cold and promote blood circulation, relieve spleen and relieve pain, and has high curative effect.


Balanced calcium and magnesium.

  Calcium can not only strengthen the bones, but also maintain the regular beat of the heart, promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, and stabilize the mind.

However, if the calcium intake is excessive, it will deposit on the blood vessel wall, causing the risk of arteriosclerosis, and magnesium can inhibit excessive absorption of calcium in the body.

  Brown sugar, which contains two nutrients, calcium and magnesium, is the most suitable ingredient.

The main nutrient conversion per 100g of brown sugar is 365 calories, 464 mg of magnesium, 85 mg of potassium, 453 mg of zinc 0.

3 mg 2 .

Indispensable trace elements.

  Zinc is found in seafood or meat, but brown sugar contains a lot of zinc.

Zinc is an indispensable trace element in the human body. Because many cells and tissues metabolize non-metabolizable enzymes, zinc is an essential component.

Zinc has accelerated growth, inhibits hair loss, makes the wound get better, maintains the taste and smell, and can improve immunity and prevent colds.


Potassium levels exceed other sugars.

  The potassium content of brown sugar is actually more than 400 times that of white sugar!

Sugars such as white sugar are refined from brown sugar, but in the refining, the rich minerals contained in the brown sugar disappear.

Potassium has the effect of lowering blood pressure and preventing summer fatigue, eliminating edema, helping gastrointestinal motility and promoting defecation.

  3 tablespoons a day.
It’s so simple and thin!

Banana vinegar is so delicious!

3 tablespoons a day, can be directly drinked or replaced, even in the daily diet, the method is simple and fun, the most surprising thing is that, unconsciously, the weight will soon fall down!

  It is said that in Japan, many people drink banana vinegar, lose 8kg in 2 months, and lose 7% in body size. Even the blood pressure value returns to normal!

  Banana vinegar basic additive method 1 3 tablespoons of banana vinegar per day, you can distribute 1 tablespoon each in the morning, afternoon and evening, and eat the pickled banana by the way.

  The second point can be directly drinked, or replaced with cold boiled water, mixed before meals, but people with bad stomach suggest that it is better to replace it 10 minutes after meal.

  Point 3 banana vinegar: water = 1:10 ratio, put into the thermos bottle, can be absorbed during exercise, light micro-acid, similar to the taste of sports drinks, can replenish minerals, sugar, amino acids, quickly recover fatigue.

  The advanced use of banana vinegar can be put into the food, such as milk, soy milk, vegetable juice, kneading noodles, stewed vegetables or meat.

Can also be used as a salad, grilled fish sauce, delicious and cause the nutrition in the food to play a multiplier effect.
  Example: 1 tablespoon of banana vinegar + 1 cup of milk, taste similar to yogurt.

1 tablespoon of banana vinegar + 1 cup of soy milk, so that the rich soy milk is refreshing!
  Just 5 minutes.
Banana vinegar is complete!

  The material of banana vinegar is very simple to make. It can be completed in less than 5 minutes. It is very fulfilling!

Material: Banana 100g + brown sugar 100g + fruit vinegar 200ml 1 medium peeled banana about 100g, if it is smaller, it needs 1.

5 roots.

  White sugar, honey, and rock sugar can also be used, but the black sugar contains the most minerals and organic matter.

Although fruit vinegar and banana are the most numb, but as long as it is made of vinegar made of rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar.
Any vinegar can be used.

  Practice: Step 1: Peel the banana and cut it about 2cm in thickness.

  Step 2: Put black sugar in the heat-resistant sealed bottle, then put the cut banana and pour it into 200c.


Fruit vinegar, shake it a little.

  Step 3: Put in the microwave oven and heat it for 30-40 seconds to dissolve the brown sugar.

  Step 4: After taking it out, it will be finished at room temperature and it will be finished the next day.