The old man will not be alone if he is not out of touch with the society.

The old man will not be alone if he is not out of touch with the society.

Just like Zhao Benshan’s essay “Hours of the Clock”, the classic line “The Empty Nest” is a new term produced in the context of the rapid development of contemporary society and economy.

The empty nest originally pointed to the bird leaving the nest, but now it has been replaced by the old people who are not around, empty and lonely.

  The survey shows that since 2001, it is scheduled to officially enter the stage of rapid aging.

It is estimated that by 2050, China’s total elderly population will exceed 400 million, and the aging level will exceed 30%.

And now, the country is 1.

Half of the 6.7 billion elderly people over the age of 60 have lived in an “empty nest”.

  For more elderly people, material pension is no longer a problem, spiritual support, psychological comfort is an urgent need.

The superior concentration of material life can not hide the extreme fear of the old man’s inner emptiness and loneliness, as well as the urgent desire for respect and care.

“Some people spend money to find fun, some people spend money to eat and drink, and others spend money to find people.”

A while ago, there was a lonely old man in the mall, looking for someone to chat with him.

  First of all, the advent of aging will dampen the self-confidence of the elderly and reduce their enthusiasm for life.

In fact, changes in lifestyle and social roles can lead to loss and loneliness.

If there is no new content covered, it is likely to affect health.

In addition, some elderly people can not adapt to new roles, or worry about the imminent economic pressure after retirement, worry, depression, become inferior and suspicious, critical and serious problems, and even pessimistic, suffering from “senile depression”, “empty nest synthesisSign.”

  In fact, while everyone is making suggestions for “how to live in old age”, as the main body of “empty nest”, the old people should take the initiative to change the concept of pension, and actively discover and find the happiness of old age.

In the initiative to improve interpersonal relationships, health conditions allow, do some real attention activities, from which to have fun and self-satisfaction.

With these magic weapons, I believe that every old man can achieve “Lotte life, happy and content”, “empty nest” is not “hollow”.

  Not out of touch with the attractions. The famous economist Yu Guangyuan opened his personal website on the 86th birthday.

At the time of Laoping, he paid attention to social development and hot topics, and liked to communicate with young people and enjoy it.

  There are many old people around us who, like young people, like to talk loudly, “pointing to the mountains and stimulating words.”

In the fast-changing, information-expanding modern society, e-commerce, “Sister Furong” and other new things frequently appear, “leftover men and women”, “cups”, “to power” and other popular hot words are endless.

As the life circle shrinks, the opportunities for communication with the outside world are more, and the relatively closed situation leads to their knowledge and information not being updated in time, and even leads to their gradual disconnection from this fast-developing society, which is marginalized by society and the family.
  In fact, through the spread of the Internet, the high development of traditional media such as television and newspapers, the elderly can stay up-to-date and stay up-to-date with the latest events and social hotspots at home and abroad.

You can talk to your children in the field and even try to discuss and communicate online, express your own opinions and maintain good contact with the society.

  In addition, there are many community civic schools that focus on social hot issues to discuss seminars, reading clubs and other activities, encourage the elderly to read newspapers, let the old people have a general understanding of relevant policies and social concerns, entertain themselves, doGoing forward with the times, not out of touch with society.

  Not out of touch with the unit When the volunteer has an old leader, at the retirement farewell party, he repeatedly said “I hope not to go to the tea cool”.

After retiring, the unit organized old comrades activities many times. He used excuses not to participate. Even the wages were taken by others, and he apparently alienated others. He stubbornly believed that others deliberately left out.

  When leaving the job position, some old people are unwilling to accept the change of role, and the mode of thinking refuses to change. The negative thoughts of “people go tea cool, people are old and weak”, and even breed the hostility of the unit.

  In fact, retirement, like school, work, and marriage, is a normal turning point in life. It means the beginning of a new life, not leaving the unit and colleagues.

Many old people play the role of consultants after retirement, and pass on their rich work experience and life sentiment to young people, let them take less detours and continue to reflect their value.

  In addition, the elderly can also actively participate in some community affairs, join the team of community volunteers, which act as propagandists of civilized and new style, supervisors of the health environment, and patrols of stable public security.

In this way, you can create your own “the sword is not old”, and you can still be respected and felt in your heart, so that you can live more tangible and colorful.

  Do not use new gadgets with technology. Today, too many old people are interfered with by “high technology”. They don’t know credit cards, they don’t use computers, and they don’t even dare to use electric water heaters.

In the ever-changing era, many old people are full of ambivalence about these new things, “I want to know, but I don’t dare to touch it.”

  The development of science and technology has made the elderly feel lost.

They can’t type, the small arrow of the mouse doesn’t listen to it; if you want to learn and don’t know where to start, you’re afraid that you can break it by pressing a wrong button, be careful, beam your hands, and feel like “literate.”

The children who are neglecting to communicate with their parents try to make them not lonely, careless, busy with high-tech equipment for their parents, but they do not realize their inner fears and troubles.

  In fact, old people should not be far away when they hear “high technology.”Special products such as “old-age computer” and “old-age mobile phone” have alleviated the difficulty of their inconvenience.

In fact, children can think of ways to make their parents enjoy the convenience. Some of the older son’s phone is set to shortcut 1, and the second son’s phone is set to 2; the computer icon is changed to a language that is easy for the elderly to understand, thus “connecting”, watching movies,” and so on, and writing the password on the paper and pasting it.

  In addition, the elderly themselves can also learn from easy to difficult, learn more.

When you buy a new product, leave a call from the customer service staff. When you don’t understand, consult and experience the joy of being a “fashionist”.

  After not retiring from the neighborhood, Zhuo Ayi participated in the community’s waist drum team. Every day, she and her group of old sisters entertained themselves. They are happy and productive, both to pass the time and to keep fit.

A while ago, they were also invited to perform at the opening ceremony of the county sports meeting.

  The competition in modern society is fierce. Young people are busy studying abroad or working hard. Most of them are thousands of miles away from home and even drifting overseas.

Even with living with parents, intense work and life make it difficult for them to “loyalty and filial piety.”

  Faced with this reality, neighbors are the closest to the elderly and the easiest partner to find common topics.

Old people can organize activities together, some exchange experience in growing flowers and pets, taking part in exercise, playing chess together, buying food and shopping in supermarkets.

Chatting and chatting, not only rushing away from the emptiness, but also enriching the spiritual life.

In addition, a large number of communities have organized a variety of old-age public welfare activities, old-fashioned English classes, singing teams, senior universities, etc., encouraging old people to walk out of the “empty nest”, actively join the neighborhood to interact, maintain an optimistic and healthy living conditions, enrich knowledge, and cultivate sentiment.

  Not to be out of touch with relatives and friends, the song “Come to Go Home”, which has been sung until now, expresses the voice of the wanderer and sings the hopes of the parents of the world.

The parents’ wish is really a kind of “helping mothers wash the chopsticks and brushing the bowl” and the beauty, a kind of “talking to Dad about the work”.

  Now, many children feel that they are too busy. The old man is worried about disturbing the children, the relatives’ work, and fearing that they will add weight to them. They would rather stay at home sullenly, looking at the ceiling and thinking about it, and they are not willing to contact their children and relatives.

  In fact, everyone wants to be cared for and communicate with others.

Old people don’t have to “sorry people worry about the sky”, may wish to become passive and take the initiative to make full use of the relatively leisure time, call the relatives and friends, walk around and ask if they have any need to help, “when the shot is shot”;At the time, calibrate the family’s family “glue”, contact, and Zhang Luo family gathering.

  In short, while the children understand, and strive to spend time with them, the elderly must be more enjoyable, calmly face and enjoy a happy old age.