Diet, relaxation, travel fatigue

Diet, relaxation, travel fatigue

Traveling out often makes people feel tired and physically weak.

Medical experts point out that if a person is often in fatigue, it will cause the body’s resistance to decline, which may cause dizziness, insomnia, mental stress, fatigue, memory loss and so on.

In order to eliminate fatigue, in addition to reasonable planning of travel plans, it is also very important to make reasonable diets.

  In order to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible and restore abundant energy, many people often take extra meals and eat a lot of chicken, duck and fish, in an attempt to gradually strengthen nutrition, nourish the body and relieve fatigue.

I don’t know the result, but it is counterproductive.

This is because during the process of tourism, the sugar, traces and proteins in the human body are largely decomposed, releasing energy and producing acidic metabolites such as lactic acid and phosphoric acid.

These acidic substances make people feel muscle, joint pain and mental fatigue.

People need to excrete these metabolic wastes, simply eat meat and further acidify the human blood, which is equivalent to “fueling on the fire”, which is not good for relieving fatigue.

  When people are tired, from the point of view of diet, they should eat more alkaline foods such as kelp, seaweed, various fresh vegetables, various fruits, soy products, milk and animal livers rich in protein and vitamins.After being digested and absorbed by the human body, these foods can quickly lower the acidity of the blood, neutralize the balance to a weak alkaline, and eliminate fatigue.

In addition, you can also drink hot tea to eliminate fatigue, tea contains caffeine, it can enhance the frequency and depth of breathing, promote the secretion of the adrenal gland and achieve the purpose of anti-fatigue.

Coffee and chocolate have a similar effect.

Vitamins B and C help to quickly dispose of the accumulated metabolites in the body, so eating vitamin B and C foods can eliminate fatigue.

It can also drink active water. The active water contains a lot of oxygen, which can quickly relieve the fatigue of the body.

Drinking pure water will have the same effect when there is no active water.