How should patients with gastric cancer eat?

How should patients with gastric cancer eat?

Ume sesame porridge: 20 grams of ebony, 10 grams of sesame seeds, 100 grams of previous rice, the amount of honey, first sesame seeds stir-fry the scent, ebony boiling juice to slag to be used, gradually into the pot and add water to the amount of porridge, waitWhen the porridge is cooked to thick, add ebony juice, sesame seeds and honey and mix thoroughly to eat, 2 times a day, fasting food.

This side has the effect of collecting blood to stop bleeding, laxative, and thirst.

Applicable to gastric cancer, colorectal cancer patients with stool bleeding, constipation intestinal dryness, intestinal gas and abdominal pain embolism.

Guiteng Egg Soup: Angelica 30q, 60g of vine root, and 2 eggs.

Take Angelica, cut the vine root into the pot and add some water. After boiling for 20 minutes, take the juice and boil it. Bring the egg into the egg and cook it. Serve it twice a day.

This side has the effect of promoting blood circulation, relieving pain and reducing swelling. It can be effective for the cancer of the insulin tract and can be taken for a long time.

Egg esophagus soup: Goose or duck esophagus with hazelnuts and hazelnuts 50g, 2 eggs, first take it out and cut open, wash, even the inner yellow skin (also known as chicken gold) cut together fine velvetInto the egg, add the right amount of water, salt, stir and cook slowly, swallowed daily, 1 owed, this side has the effect of eliminating stagnation, help digestion, qi and blood, can be used for stomach pain and esophageal cancer patients.

Garlic goose blood soup: 100 grams of fresh garlic, 250 grams of fresh goose blood, first wash the garlic and chopped, goose blood is added to boiling water, cooked, cut into thick slices, and then the oil is burned into the pot until the seven layers of heat, peopleGarlic fry for a while, add some water and boil until the soup is boiled. Add a little ginger, fine salt, chopped green onion, MSG and other condiments to the goose blood for a while. You can eat it once a day, fasting, this side has wide and medium inflation., spleen and blood, detoxification and anti-cancer effect.

Suitable for all kinds of digestive tract cancers.

Longjing Yujin Tea: 3g of dragon and tea, 20g of turmeric turmeric powder, 30g of honey, 6g of licorice, the above 4 flavors of water and decocted tea, 1 day, this side has diuretic detoxification, cooling blood sputum痰瘀, the effect of qi and qi stagnation, suitable for cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and other cancer patients.

Ginger drink: Sugar cane, ginger, the right amount of juice, mix thoroughly with a ratio of 8:1, drink tea on behalf of the tea, several times a day.

This side has the effect of Zhongjianwei, suitable for early gastric cancer, vomiting, vomiting, nausea, vomiting, eating, vomiting and other symptoms.