Mung bean glutinous rice

Mung bean glutinous rice

To dehumidification, the diet must be light, chili, dog meat, beef, lamb, wine, etc. It is best not to think about it; leek, ginger, pepper, pepper, etc., and warm, hot pot, boiled, grilled, etc.Help the hot food, eat less; instead, it should be red bean, mung bean, celery, cucumber, coix seed, lotus seed, medlar, duck, squid, melon, bitter gourd, sorghum and other sweet and cold, Ganping food.

  Recommend two better foods.

  Mung bean 藕: thick and fat 藕 1 section, peeled, rinsed and spare.

50 grams of mung beans, soaked in water, removed, put into the pot, into the pot, add water to stew until cooked, adjust to salt to eat.

It can clear away heat and detoxify, and clear the eyes and thirst.

  Loach stewed tofu: 500 grams of loach to go to the sputum and internal organs, rinse, put into the pot, add water, cook until half-cooked, add 250 grams of tofu, the right amount of salt, stew until cooked rotten Serve.

It can clear the heat and humidity.

  Relatively speaking, it is more troublesome to treat damp heat with traditional Chinese medicine, because it is difficult to separate because of the heat and entanglement.

If it is purely damp, it is easy to help the heat; pure heat, wet and easy to stay.

Therefore, when the impact caused by wet and hot constitution is too large, we must ask the Chinese medicine practitioner to prescribe medicine.

First of all, we use Sanren soup, namely almond, flying talc, white pass grass, white glutinous rice, bamboo leaves, magnolia, raw glutinous rice, and Pinellia as the basic side, for addition and subtraction treatment.