Spring and autumn and autumn, the old man must have three defenses in autumn

Spring and autumn and autumn, the old man must have “three defenses” in autumn

As the saying goes, “Spring is frozen and autumn”, autumn is a good time for cold training.
However, medical experts pointed out that “autumn freezing” should not be carried out blindly.
In fact, “autumn frozen” is not suitable for the elderly, children, infirm, sick, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, rheumatism and arthritis patients.
At the same time, the public should not exercise when it is too cold in the morning and at night.
  Experts suggest that the elderly should exercise with strength and can take walks, tai chi and other activities.
In addition, the elderly can also wash their faces with cold water, gradually increase the ability to resist cold, reduce the incidence of bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.
The development of immune function in preschool children is not particularly sound, and it is sensitive to the climate, especially when the weather changes in the morning and evening.
Therefore, parents should pay attention to giving children morning and evening clothes.
  In addition, you should keep warm when sleeping at night after the beginning of the autumn, bamboo mats, rattan seats, etc. should be replaced, or the cushion towel on the top is kept warm.
Cover the quilt while sleeping to prevent the abdomen from catching cold.
  [秋季三防]  ·防腹泻  经常感到肠胃不舒服,消化不良的人在秋季容易发生腹泻。To prevent this, you should drink more lactic acid bacteria milk, but not ice yoghurt.
  Autumn is also a good season for exercise, but experts believe that the amount of autumn exercise should not be too large to prevent excessive sweating.
For athletes, you should eat more pears, sesame seeds, honey, white fungus, etc. after each exercise. If you sweat more, you can add some salt water.
  ·Anti-rheumatic As the weather turns cold, the symptoms of diseases such as lumbar muscle strain and interspinous ligament injury will be aggravated, and the pain that is not obvious will be exposed at once.
  ”My cervical spine problem is already old, but today it is very strange. Not only does my arm hurt, I feel my head hurts.
Miss Wang, who works in a foreign trade company, is very confused.
In fact, with the decrease of temperature, the “wind”, “cold” and “wet” in Chinese medicine theory are easy to invade the body. At this time, patients with lumbar cervical spondylosis and rheumatoid arthritis will feel obvious pain.
Therefore, stretching should be carried out as appropriate.
  · Anti-dry eye experts pointed out that people in the fall are the most yin and hot, which is an important cause of frequent eye diseases. The most easily overlooked is dry eye syndrome.
  Typical symptoms of dry eye syndrome are dry eyes, itching, burning discomfort, and severe corneal ulcers and infections.
Symptoms of dry eye syndrome worsen if it is cold or dry.
  Therefore, when using high-intensity eyes, be careful not to keep your eyes open for a long time. Deliberately blinking can make tears evenly spread on the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva. Air-conditioned rooms should take certain moisturizing measures, and eye drops can be used appropriately.