Uncover the body’s 7 short-lived signs

Uncover the body’s 7 short-lived signs

Uncovering the body’s seven short-lived signs, in fact, the life and physical characteristics of people are closely related. Do you know that certain physical characteristics are signs of short-lived?

1, a short range of research in the US “Neurology” magazine, a short range of women with a 50% increase in the likelihood of cognitive impairment.

It can be tested by expanding, expanding the size parallel to the ground, measuring the length of the left finger tip to the right finger tip, and the adult female can be no less than 152 cm.

People with short arms usually have to socialize more and more, and they can also develop hobbies such as paintings or pottery that make the arm flexible.

2, waist thick US “Neurology” published a study that said that in the 40s when the big belly, people with cognitive impairment after the age of 70 may increase.

6 times.

People of all kinds should pay attention to diet, eat more olives, nuts, dark chocolate and other foods containing monounsaturated fatty acids.

3, ear lobe wrinkles “American Medical Journal” published a study that if the earlobe on the line wrinkles, the risk of heart disease in the future is higher.

Wrinkles in one earlobe, the risk of heart disease will increase by 33%; each earlobe has a wrinkle, the risk will increase by 77%.

Although the specific reasons are not clear, experts believe that earlobe wrinkles may be due to the lack of elastic fibers, which can also lead to hardening of arterial blood vessels.

If you find earlobe wrinkles, you should pay attention to prevent high blood pressure, and strive to diet to lose weight, reduce plasma intake, pay attention to lower blood pressure.

4, non-O blood type The study of the affiliated scale of Harvard Medical School in the United States said that people with type A, B and AB blood types were more likely to develop cancer than those with type O blood.

This may be because the genes that determine the above blood types themselves pose a risk of pancreatic cancer.

These people can take vitamin D supplements, eat low-fat dairy products and salmon.

5, the smell is poor, the United States “Neurology Yearbook” published a study that some elderly people can not distinguish the smell of bananas, lemons and other fruits, the probability of suffering from Parkinson’s disease within 4 years is five times higher.

Researchers believe that the brain area responsible for olfactory function is the first area of Parkinson’s disease, which shows signs 2 to 7 years before symptoms appear.

Such elderly people can take supplements such as fish oil to enhance the brain’s resistance.

6. The Journal of the Canadian Medical Association published a 10-year research title. After considering factors such as diet, body fat, family history and smoking, some older women are more likely to develop diabetes.1.

5 times.
Female adolescent aunts may be sensitive to hormones, affecting insulin resistance and triggering diabetes.

High-intensity temporary exercise can be performed in a variety of people.

7, the small belly of the United States “Stroke” magazine published a French study said that women with a calf circumference of less than 33 cm, more prone to carotid plaque, increase the risk of stroke.

The thick leg is thick, indicating that the aunt’s aunt is thick. This kind of subcutaneous aunt absorbs and stores the fatty acids in the bloodstream, thus reducing the risk of stroke.

People with too small calves can drink more green tea to keep their heart healthy and reduce the chance of stroke.