[How to boneless chicken feet?

]_How to bone_How to bone

[How to boneless chicken feet?
]_How to bone_How to bone

Chicken paws are mostly stewed and eaten in most cases. Some friends like braised chicken paws, of course, they are all edible.

And chicken feet do not contain any harmful substances to the human body, so even eating it every day will not cause any problems to the body.

Of course, before eating chicken feet, it must be cleaned, otherwise there will be some germs on it.

So, how to boneless chicken feet?

1. Boil chicken feet: Put cold chicken feet into the pot and add seasonings as needed. After the high heat is boiled, use a low heat to keep the water in the pot slightly boiled.For about 10 minutes, cook the chicken feet until they are broken and full of oil.

Second, flush the cold water: After the chicken feet are cooked, immediately go out of the pot and rinse with cold water. Rinse the chicken feet until it is completely cool.

This step is also the key to the smooth bone removal of chicken feet. Facts have proved that the best effect is the rinsing with running water.

Third, chicken bone deboning method: After the above two steps are completed, you can really start deboning. There are two commonly used chicken bone deboning methods as follows-method 1, put the palm of the chicken foot downOn the case, carefully pinch the foremost end of the jawbone of the chicken claw, and push it hard from the tip of the chicken claw toward the palm of the chicken claw, so that the chicken claw bone can be taken out.

Next, pinch the end of the calf bone, and push it firmly towards the palm, you can also remove the calf bone of the chicken feet.

Method 2: Put the palms of the chicken feet down on the case, and draw a knife in the direction of the bone along the calf part, then you can fold down the calf smoothly.

Then use the same method to remove the phalanges.

Boneless chicken feet making process 1.

Rinse the claws with water several times, drain the water, and remove the nails.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, and put a few peppercorns on it. The peppercorns will emit a scent when they are cooked, and they can remove the fishy and greasy axis.

After the water has boiled, put the processed chicken feet into it.


Pour in an appropriate amount of cooking wine to remove the fishy smell and freshness; cover the lid and cook for about 10 minutes.

You can easily pierce through with chopsticks. Do n’t cook for too long, otherwise you wo n’t be chewing when eating.

Rinse off the fat from the chicken feet with cold water. Rinse it several times so that it tastes crisp and refreshing after soaking.


Cut the cleaned chicken feet with two knives. The longer the cut, the better. It is easier to soak into the taste.

Add the pickled pepper to the chicken feet and pour the pickled pepper water.

Add 1 less salt and season.

If the chicken feet are submerged by the pickled pepper water, there is no need to add salt. The pickled pepper water has a certain degree of saltiness4.

Add a small amount of white vinegar to neutralize the spicy taste of pickled peppers and make the chicken feet soaked.

Add cool white boiled or mineral water without chicken feet.

Mix well, cover with flour, refrigerate in the shade or refrigerator for a day and serve.

Finally, the chicken feet can be deboned after they have cooled down.