[How to digest quickly after eating supper]_Quick digestion_How to do

[How to digest quickly after eating supper]_Quick digestion_How to do

Supper is a habit often performed by many people who work overtime and stay up late.

When everyone eats supper, many friends will choose to rest. In fact, this will reduce the ability of the stomach to secrete gastric acid, which will cause symptoms of gastrointestinal upset.

So if you want to eat supper, you must know how to digest it quickly after supper, which is helpful for our gastrointestinal health.

If you eat too much before going to bed, it will definitely lead to overloaded abortion work, which will make your body tense, even if you fall asleep, you will have nightmares or even insomnia, which will lead to nervous breakdown in the long run.

If middle-aged and elderly people often eat supper before going to bed, they will secrete a large amount of insulin, resulting in a huge burden on insulin-secreting B cells, and they will develop diabetes over time.

What’s more serious is that people who often eat supper are likely to develop colorectal cancer. Just because they can’t digest food in time while sleeping, bacteria will stay in the body, so you should not eat supper often.

What to do if you eat too much supper _ Three principles teach you to eat supper correctly and eat supper every day is not very good, especially the frequent gastrointestinal diseases.

So eating supper often is very harmful to your health.

And many patients with gastric cancer are caused by eating supper often.

It’s not just supper, the rules of dinner are also important. If you can eat dinner on time, you won’t feel hungry at midnight, so dinner is very important.

If you feel hungry in the middle of the night, don’t eat too much, you can eat a little cookies or bread.

Four Important Notes for Eating Supper 1. It is enough to replenish energy properly. Do not eat supper as a dinner.

Bread slices and porridge are good choices, too much aunty barbecue and shabu try to not eat.

2. The interval between supper and sleep must be calculated, and not too close to each other, you should rest for an hour or two before lying in bed.

Fruits with a lot of water and sugar and some diuretic foods must be eaten before going to bed, otherwise it will affect the quality of sleep.

3, supper does not account for more than 1/5 of the total meals throughout the day, the variety can be diverse, the amount must be small, the best match is dairy products, a small amount and a little fruit.

4. Don’t be too salty.

This is very important, in addition to causing you to drink water constantly, it will make it difficult to drain water and cause facial swelling in the morning.

Three Principles of Eating Supper Properly 1. Best Choice: Soup, Porridge, Oatmeal

Don’t think that the convenient and quick instant noodles must be the first choice.

Some people may think that instant noodles are convenient and simple, and it must not be easy to get fat.

In fact, instant noodles have very high oil content, uneven nutrition, and very high calories. A bowl of instant noodles has 500 calories!

And some fried foods are more high in fat. In order to maintain your figure, you should avoid them, and dare not treat them as supper!

Blacklist: Instant noodles, stinky tofu, salted chicken, lochi.

Dinner and supper should not eat rich-tasting food, and the soup and porridge taste lighter, which is good for digestion. The porridge soup contains a lot of water. It is particularly easy to have a feeling of fullness when it is drunk, and it will not cause excessive oil content.Not high, low calorie and low fat, is the best choice for warming up late.

When drinking soup or sweet soup, try not to add sugar. If you have to have a sweet taste, replace it with rock sugar. This can greatly reduce the content.

If you want to drink sugar water bought directly from the outside, you can add some water to replace the sugar content.

If there are too many ingredients such as dumplings in the syrup, it will be full of excess. After all, it can be hunger for winter supper, and it is good to prevent the cold, and you don’t need to eat too much!

Or you can add some longan, wolfberry, red dates and other health herbs, which are good for health.

Coarse rice and oatmeal are rich in nutrients. Coarse rice is high in fiber, high in calcium and low in fat. In addition to high calcium and low fat, oatmeal is also rich in vitamins a and b, and iron and folic acid most needed by women.Some cereals also claim to be sugar-free, which is best for women who need both keepfit and nutrition.

2. Pay attention to: ≤1 bowl of soup or porridge. Each time is limited to 1 bowl. The size of the bowl is the same as the rice bowl in the usual family. Don’t be too greedy or deceive yourself.

The calories in a bowl of porridge are generally below 100 calories, so the measurement is based on times, and even if you eat other foods, you should not exceed this conversion.

3, special advice: After eating supper before going to bed for 1 hour Although the conversion of these supper is not high, but if you hide near the bed immediately after eating, the food will be hoarded in the stomach, and it will cause weight gain.

Therefore, it is recommended that you go to bed one hour after eating supper!

And eating supper before going to sleep has a certain effect on stomach health, and imagination such as insomnia occurs when sleeping.

The supper habit is actually not a good habit. Most people who have long-term supper habit have stomach discomfort. The long-term accumulation has a very bad health impact and even easily causes stomach cancer.Get rid of this bad habit.