Overcome the difficulty of losing weight, defeat the eating

Overcome the difficulty of losing weight, defeat the “eating”

No matter how strong your motivation, or how self-discipline you want to lose weight, but inevitably, you will always experience the episode of “heavy eating” at some time.
Stress, improper weight loss, time will cause you to control your mouth. In fact, the biggest problem of weight loss is that if you want to solve the desire to eat, come and learn to wash it today, and face the “eating” disease to make weight loss easier.~ “Esophagus” is defined as a sudden and intense desire for something: people who smoke are eager for nicotine, and those who are addicted to drugs are eager for cocaine or heroin.
Food is like a drug. When it happens, it makes you feel powerless and can’t overcome the desire to eat something. This is the difference between “habits” and hunger.
  The cause of “hobbyism” is that certain foods seem to stimulate certain neurotransmitters in the brain.
For example, eating chocolate can stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine.
  Interestingly, addiction seems to be related to the degree of hunger, and someone may feel hungry without the symptoms of addiction.
Hunger represents the body’s desire for food, but cravings are related to tension or mood. When you are under stress, indulging yourself to eat is probably the way we use to make ourselves better. Almost everyone will blame this.the reason.
  Remember what you did when you were stunned by your lover or criticized by your boss.
After you have dried your tears, are you likely to rush a bunch of junk food in your mouth?
  Another interesting thing is that men and women have different reactions to the consequences of addiction. This is because the two sides have different perceptions of such self-indulgence.
Most men do not feel negative about themselves after they indulge themselves in a meal, while women have a negative feeling about self-worth.
  Undoubtedly, this is because the society thinks that the charm of women lies in the slim figure, or because some things make women frustrated, causing them to get compensation from certain foods, but after eating this food.They will feel worse because the original problems still exist and they will make them feel guilty about eating!
  Frequently, for example, my boss is really bad and hateful, and he blames me in front of everyone in the office.
So I naturally walked into the bakery on the way home, bought half a dozen of my favorite biscuits, and thought that I only had one slice. What is the relationship between eating more?
  I may even eat the rest of the biscuits. Anyway, I have already thrown the diet plan aside today!
Maybe thinking about eating a little ice cream for a perfect ending, it’s like a pig that has been hungry for a long time. There is no self-control at all. I have no way to successfully complete this damn diet plan. I don’t do anything.Will succeed, can only gnash his teeth and act on his own.
  Conversely, if you are able to spend particularly stressful time and not let the “eating habits” succeed, then you have successfully managed the food.
Once you have the ability to master the situation and feel self-management, your ability to deal with problems will get better and better.
  ”Addiction” can be a tool that helps you to understand that we have the ability to control ourselves, not the confidence that we have negative emotions that affect other things.
  时间与嗜吃症  当然“嗜吃症”不完全是与压力有关,“嗜吃症”可能发生在一天中某个特定的时间,就像是你在早上喝咖啡时,习惯性的想要多Eat a blueberry muffin, or want to eat a small cake in the afternoon, or want to eat an ice cream before going to bed.
  These patterns of eating are just the habits we need to change. These can be controlled by you. We can replace them with healthy food.
  There are many plans in our lives, but it is easy to ignore what to plan when you are hungry, because food is readily available, we don’t care much about what we want to eat, or how much detail we want to eat, just inertia nearby.See what you eat if you have something delicious.
  These unintentional details allow calories to accumulate slowly, which gradually increases our weight. First, we decide when these times will occur, because the time of occurrence is almost certain.
  Once you know which are dangerous times, you can prepare healthy snacks for you to eat. If you don’t plan ahead, you will get yourself caught in any food in the refrigerator or junk food.
  In most cases, you will find that after you have eaten snacks, your “heavy eating disorder” disappears, because the time-based “eating disorder” is predictable. In fact, this is something you can control.
  Tip: Record the time of each episode of ecstasy, you will find that your AIDS is very predictable.