How to refuse sub-health office workers to effectively relieve stress?

How to refuse sub-health office workers to effectively relieve stress?

First, eat a moderate amount of spicy food, drink less alcohol and smoke.

Usually based on light.

Reduce your body’s stress and avoid adding weight to your body.

Second, to ensure that sleep now many people are used to sleeping late, even if they go to bed, they still have to play mobile phones.

This is a very bad habit.

A good way to ensure adequate sleep while relieving stress.

I would like to ask, I feel that I have not slept well, how can I have a good spirit to go to work, work is not good, and the pressure is naturally big.

Third, the relative cleanliness of the room and the clean and elegant environment will naturally make people look good after the body.

If you can, you can put a pot of flowers in the room.

Will bring a better mood?
Fourth, proper exercise is the capital of the revolution.

If you are in poor health, you will feel physical fatigue if you do anything.

Appropriate exercise can not only keep fit, but also relax and breathe fresh air.

Why not do it?

Fifth, listening to music can listen to your favorite music, no matter what type of amount, from ancient times to today, vocal music is one of the ways of entertainment, it can be seen for a long time.

Feeling tired, listen to music and let yourself prevent it.

Sixth, after lunch and dinner, do not hinder to go outside to take a step, not only help digestion, but also help to sort out the thousands of work.

Of course, if it is foggy, it is good to stay at home.

Seven, talk about the pressure is too big, talk to friends or family, always put in your heart, put more and more uncomfortable.

If it is not convenient to talk to someone you are familiar with, can you seek professional help?
Let me talk about it here, the psychiatrist does not have to go to see a mental illness.

It is okay to have pressure and other moods to suppress. Psychologists have already spread all over the country. Only in China will everyone feel that the doctors are not normal.