[Children often take anti-inflammatory drugs]_Children_Bad

[Children often take anti-inflammatory drugs]_Children_Bad

In life, many parents give their children medicine when their children are sick, and they will cooperate with some anti-inflammatory drugs. In fact, the anti-inflammatory drugs also have certain hazards to the body through the anti-inflammatory effect.Anti-inflammatory drugs are particularly prone to cause the body to develop resistance, and slowly taking some mild anti-inflammatory drugs may not be effective. So what harm do children often take anti-inflammatory drugs?

1, produce toxic side effects.

If the dosage of anti-inflammatory drugs is large, it will damage the child’s nervous system, kidneys, blood system, liver and kidney function.

For example, in daily life, after the child catches a cold, oral anti-inflammatory drugs can be used, but many parents require doctors to infuse the child in order to make the child get better.

2. Double infection.

The dangers of children taking anti-inflammatory drugs include re-infection. If the anti-inflammatory drugs are repeated for a long time, it is easy for the drug-sensitive bacteria to continue to multiply and grow in this environment to cause new infections.

This condition can make treatment difficult and is very common in patients who abuse anti-inflammatory drugs.

3. Causes allergies.

The dangers of children taking anti-inflammatory drugs include symptoms such as eczema and anaphylactic shock, so be sure to pay attention.

4. Generate expectations.

The long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs can increase the anti-stress ability of the germs. These germs will not only be killed but will multiply in the human body. Moreover, due to the long-term exposure to drug-stimulated environments, some germs have mutated.

This makes treatment more difficult.

So be alert to the dangers of children taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

5. Increase the risk of illness.

If you abuse your child with anti-inflammatory drugs, you will increase your child’s risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

Premature use of anti-inflammatory drugs may also cause imbalance of the intestinal flora in infants and young children, resulting in children with hypertension.

The abuse of anti-inflammatory drugs is too harmful to the children’s health, so parents should be cautious when they are sick.

Usually let the child actively exercise and improve immunity to disease.

Especially in winter, be sure to pay attention to opening windows when the weather is warm at noon, to prevent the dirty air from making children sick.