What is the change in the body after long-term lack of sleep?

The first point was poked.

What is the change in the body after long-term lack of sleep?
The first point was poked.

Both will be very tired, will be – stupid, fat!

A person spends about a third of his life in bed.

But the insertion of electronic products, work and other miscellaneous, slowly shortens the average sleep time of people.

The 2017 China Sleep Index report shows that more than half of the people are sleepy “difficult households”, and there are three major problems: sleeping late, sleeping irregularly, and sleeping less.

The reason, in addition to insomnia, is that we simply “can not sleep.”

Life is short, and the more you sleep, the later.

Despite being tired, he always wanted to do something else, and sleep seemed to be a waste of time.

But is this really the case?

If you are also a member of a late night’s sleep, after reading the following effects on people, I believe that you should also “surrender” to sleep.

Insufficient sleep is faced with 5 major problems. Long-term lack of sleep, the human body will face 5 major problems. 1. Stupid Some people like to pile everything up to do at night, thinking that the evening is active and efficient.

But if it affects the sleep time, the consequences of working overtime and staying up late for a night are dizziness. “Who am I, where am I, what am I doing?”

“, attention can not be concentrated, the work efficiency actually hit a big discount.

Lack of sleep, the brain’s best thinking, logical thinking, ability to handle things will be affected, slow response, memory loss, especially need to be careful when driving, high-risk labor.

2, getting old If you find that your race is yellowish, dry, with dark circles, eye bags, and bloodshot eyes, then the reflection has not slept recently.

In the case of long-term stress and tiredness, if the organ is not fully rested, it will appear on the skin and become ugly.

3, getting fat attention, is pang, fat, month and a half!

Do you feel a little embarrassed when you stay up late, want to find something to eat?

In the absence state, the appetite-related hormone secretion is reduced, and the hormone secretion of chronic sensory is increased, so it is easier for foods with high metabolism, high mortality, and high mortality.

Eat enough, digest less, and naturally increase the chance of getting fat.

An increase in waist circumference is not a good thing for health.

4, the length is not high, especially for adolescents, in addition to genetics, nutrition, exercise and other factors, adolescent growth and development are also related to the secretion of auxin.

The secretion of auxin is closely related to sleep, sleep less, and less secretion.

5, increase the risk of illness The worse the sleep, the more tired, the person’s mood will be melancholy, anxiety, decreased immunity, easy to catch a cold.

In addition, it is easy to increase the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, depression, and myocardial infarction.

Incidents of sudden death due to overwork have also occurred from time to time.

Weekend madness, useful?

I haven’t slept enough in the usual days. Is it useful to have a weekend madness?

The social rhythm is getting faster, and under the pressure of life, many young people will compress their sleep time on weekdays, and they will get mad at the weekend.

But what if Monday?
Wudu lacks sleep, and it is unscientific to want to take it back at the weekend.

Sleeping more on weekends is more likely to disrupt the biological clock, which is 2 hours or more later than usual, which may make people more tired.

You can adopt the principle of “nearby”. If you didn’t sleep well yesterday, it’s enough to make up 30 minutes today.

The effective way to make up the weekend is to sleep earlier than the working day, and the wake-up time is the same as usual, so that you can adjust to the best state.

About, the average adult sleeps 7 times a day?
9 hours, it is recommended not to sleep at 11 o’clock at night, and a proper lunch break at noon.

How to improve sleep quality?
The key is to adhere to good sleep habits.

Fixed work schedule, sleep at fixed time, get up at a fixed point; create a comfortable sleeping environment, suitable for wet temperature, avoid strong noise, light; put down mobile phones and other electronic devices; do not smoke before going to bed, do not drink alcohol, do not drink coffee; if you can’t sleep,You can do some relaxing things before going to bed, such as reading a book, writing a diary, etc. If you have frequent insomnia, you need to seek medical advice and symptomatic treatment.
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Can’t sleep, sleep well, “insomnia” finds the door, how to deal with it?

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