Youxin State visits the Alpine music in Japan

Youxin State visits the “Alpine” music in Japan

The annual Shinshu Tourism and Tourism Festival kicks off, visitors can enjoy the extraordinary charm of Shinshu (Nagano Prefecture), and the colorful activities will add more fun to Shinshu.
Don’t miss this opportunity, welcome to the letter to play!
Matsumoto City About Shinshu (Nagano Prefecture) Shinshu (Nagano) is located in the central part of Honshu, and the area has flourished as an exchange center for Japanese and Western culture since ancient times.
Due to the convenient transportation from Tokyo to Shinshu, the 1998 Winter Olympic Games was held in Nagano, making it a popular tourist attraction at home and abroad.
To the west of Shinshu, there are rolling mountains called the “Alpine Mountains of Japan”, which are more than 3,000 meters above sea level.
Skiing in White Horse and enjoying excursions in the Upper Highlands, these outdoor activities need not be said, just looking at the beautiful mountains can be enough to appreciate the infinite natural scenery.
Zenkoji Temple On the east side of Shinshu, there are temples such as the Shinkoji (Nagano Station) and Matsumoto Castle (Matsumoto Station), which are filled with historical and ancient atmosphere.
In addition, it is also a great pleasure to travel to taste the “Shinju Soba Noodles” which is bred by the beautiful nature and the water of Ganzi.
  Although there are many famous tourist attractions in the country, there are still many unknown “unknown charms”.
Take this rare opportunity to discover the charm of Shinshu that belongs to you only!
Yutian Hot Spring Township Xinzhou Tourism Hotspot: 1.
Feel the history of Shinshu Please enjoy the castles and temples that capture the hearts of the people and feel the romance of history!
Feel the natural beauty of Shinshu. Japan’s premier scenic spots – the wonderful scenery of the Japanese Alps will be your memories.
Relaxing in the hot springs of Shinshu In the hot spring hotel, you can soak in the famous hot springs guarded by countless ancestors.
Enjoy the cuisine of Shinshu The ingredients of the clear water and fresh air make a very healthy and delicious dish!
Be sure to try it!
Nagano five-color hot spring Nagano open-air hot springs Location and transportation location Location Shinshu is located in the central area of Honshu and is the meeting point of East and West culture.
Convenient transportation with Tokyo makes it a popular tourist destination.
  交通方式  从东京到长野坐新干线“浅间”号需要约1小时30分钟信州日本酒  向您推荐的至信州(长野县)的车票  去信州(长野)旅游购买JR东日本通票Special绝对是非常划算of!
With this ticket, you can freely travel up and down JR Shin-Japan’s Shinkansen and express, urgent, and ordinary trains.
Moreover, the JR East Japan Pass Special ticket is also free to travel up and down the railway in Nagano Prefecture.
It can be arbitrarily selected for three days and only costs 10,000 yen.
Available only for a limited period of time!