Correctly caress female brunettes to let her feel your love

Correctly caress female brunettes to let her feel your love

Correct caressing female skin makes her feel the second feature of your love woman’s chest. When a man looks at a woman, the first thing is to look at the woman’s body. A woman with a full chest can make the man linger on multiple occasions.But men know little about the caress of women’s brunettes, so how do you caress women’s brunettes to let her feel your love?

1, fullness hypothesis As a result of a study conducted by the University of Vienna, the fullness of the breast is 24% less sensitive than the slender breast.

This may be due to the nerves on the breast that alternate in time to transmit sensitive signals.

Therefore, for this type of breast cancer, it should be done on both sides of the breast, that is, near the armpit.

2, the second type of this type of black hair is very sensitive, weak stimulation can make them excited.

The best way to do this is to cover them with your palms, gently press your fingers down, or gently shake them during sex.

3, the sagging humerus this type of breast is not good visual effect, and the sensitivity is also the worst.

At this point, the groom can let the lover lie down and the two men cling to each other.

This position can also move the sagging breast up, which can ease the tension of women and help them experience wonderful sex.

4, the humerus undergoing breast augmentation surgery, if the surgery is successful, the breast can still maintain high sensitivity, but this probability is small.

After breast augmentation, the woman’s breasts are uncomfortable with heavy pressure or long-lasting touch.

The groom should focus on the superficial skin of the skin and gently use his fingers to circle around the nipple to enhance irritation.

5, nipples This is a barometer of female desires.

The high standing up represents the fact that it has fully entered the state, and slowly softly indicates that the climax is gradually receding.

Like the breast, the size of the nipple is different and the sensitivity is different.

Large nipples are more sensitive because they have more nerve endings. Don’t use too much force when pressing.

For small nipples, the areola area is more sensitive than the nipple, and caressing in the upper part of the breast makes it easier to activate a woman’s desire.

About 3% of women have nipples that are invaginated.

This phenomenon is mostly hereditary, and its nerve endings are not the same as small nipples.

The female nipple is the most important sexually sensitive part. Before sexual intercourse, we must first cares about this part and let the lover’s mood relax. Only by doing this can we carry out the follow-up work smoothly.