Be cautious: the disease of the cupping

Be cautious: the “disease” of the cupping

Lead: The use of cupping for treatment is a unique method of treatment for a long time in China. The cupping is the same as acupuncture and scraping. It belongs to traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, it is a physical therapy and the best in physical therapy.One of the treatments.
It is a hyperemia therapy that uses physical stimulation and negative pressure to cause congestion, which in turn produces a therapeutic effect. The Chinese call it blood stasis therapy.
Because this method is simple, convenient, and effective, it has been followed in the history of the people, and it is still not bad, and even some foreigners are also interested.
Cupping does not require accurate positioning of acupoints like acupuncture. It is a simple and effective treatment, but it depends on the condition of the disease. Not all diseases are suitable for it.
Cupping, clearing the cause and then starting a person with chronic lung disease can cause alveolar rupture in patients with basic lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, lung abscess, bronchiectasis, etc., not suitable for cupping.
When there is inflammation in the lungs, it is often accompanied by damage to the alveoli or fluid retention in the lungs.
If the cupping is used for treatment, the pressure in the chest will change drastically, causing the lungs to rupture on the lung surface, resulting in spontaneous pneumothorax.
After cupping the cupping, it is easy to take a bath after the cupping. It is not advisable to take a bath after bathing. Many people who love to bathe in the bath often say “hot pot and bath, one is not too much.”
Indeed, the warm bath and the warm cupping, after washing and pulling, after washing and washing, think comfortable.
However, this order is really important to note that you can cup the cup after bathing, but you must never take a bath immediately after cupping.
After cupping, the skin is very fragile in a state of being hurt. At this time, bathing can easily cause skin damage and inflammation.
And if it is a cold bath, it is easy to get cold because the skin is in a state of open pores.
Therefore, you must not take a bath immediately after cupping.
Long-term cupping can cause skin infection Many people say that the cupping of the cupping can take at least half an hour. Some people think that pulling out the blister can reflect the effect of cupping, especially some old people hold this view more.
The cupping cups vary according to the size, material, and pressure of the cupping.
However, it is generally appropriate to flash from the point to the can of no more than ten minutes.
Because the main principle of cupping is negative pressure and not time, if the cupping time is too long under the condition of large negative pressure until the blister is pulled out, it will not only damage the skin, but also may cause skin infection.